At the bottom of the screen you should see three buttons: Meet the Words, Practice and Review. To get started, select one of the three levels. Then select a lesson. In each lesson you will learn 30 new words.

First choose Meet the Words. Click on Press to Start and continue clicking there to see and hear the 30 words one after another with translation. Or click on Go to Global View to see the whole list. Then click on the ones you want to see and hear. From this list, you can also see the memory aids.

Now go to Practice. When the little window pops up, we suggest Regular Mode, because there you will learn both vocabulary and grammar. First look at the picture. In the text below, right click on any word to see the translation. In the list of words above, right click on the word to see the translation or left click to insert it into the red space in text. If you find the correct word, the program will ask you if you want to add ed, s, ing or make some other change to the word. You can click on See Translations to see and hear the complete list of words. If you want to hear the complete sentence in the text, select the sentence (or paragraph) with the mouse and click on Hear Current Paragraph/Selection. Continue until you have filled all the blanks. If you want to stop and save, click on Save.

Now go to Review. Word in Context will check to see if you really know the words that you have learned in this lesson. If you make any mistakes, you can do another test just with the words that you missed. Keep trying until you get 100.

All of your scores will be recorded. To see them, click on See Your Scores.